Governor Rick Perry has some decisions to make about his future. That future could very well include campaigns here in Texas and across the country.

There's the chance the Governor could run for a fourth term as Governor next year. He could also run for the White House in 2016. Consultant Chris Begala told KTRH Attorney General Greg Abbott will play a key role in that decision.

“Will Attorney General Abbott wait again? He has $15M-$18M in the bank right now. That is a bunch of money for an Attorney General,” Begala said.

Begala says if Perry decides to run for Governor again there could be fireworks.

“Let’s assume that Governor Perry runs again. I would look for Abbott to run against him and that would be a donnybrook,” Begala told KTRH.

Strategist Matt Mackowiak says if Perry runs next year, he better win.

“If he were to lose in 2014 to Greg Abbott then he would be unable to run for President. The only way he could run for President is if he were to win the governorship,” Mackowiak told KTRH.

And if Perry decides to make another run at the White House, there could be yet another Texan standing in his way.

Ted Cruz is on a rocket ride. He has an enormous amount of potential and publicity because he is demonstrating that he has the courage to fight for Conservative principles,” Mackowiak stated.

Begala and Mackowiak both say the smart money is on Perry stepping down as Governor to concentrate on the White House.