The first day of the Texas GOP convention in Fort Worth is in the books, and it featured a farewell to one party star and an introduction to what many hope will be a new one.

The opening day started off with a tribute to Governor Rick Perry, who made a speech that some are calling a farewell as he gets set to leave the Governor's office.

“I have traveled all over this amazing state. I have met a great many people. I can say without equivocation or qualification that there is no place like Texas,” Perry told the audience.

Perry also took a shot at his evolving image.

“Over the years I’ve obtained a few more wrinkles, got some gray hair and some new eye wear,” Perry joked.

Felicia Cravens of the Houston tea Party Society said it sounded like the Governor Perry had Washington, DC on his mind.

“Everyone’s impression is that there’s a 2016 run in the making,” Cravens said.

While Perry said goodbye, the convention got a formal introduction to Land Commissioner nominee George P. Bush, who took a shot at Texas Democrats.

“They believe life is too difficult, too rough and too complicated,” Bush said. “They will try to inspire fear in the hearts of voters. We will inspire voters based on our vision for a brighter tomorrow.”

There was a little bit of controversy to mark the end of the convention's first day as a movement to include  anti-gay language survived a key committee vote. The final platform vote is set for Saturday.