If you have teenage kids then you’ve probably dealt with this. A new poll shows that many of you are keeping track of what your kids are doing with their smart phones. Some of you are doing it without their knowledge, too.

The Harris poll says 57% are making sure your kids aren't getting into trouble with those phones. Fourteen percent of you do it behind their backs.

“If we feel like there’s a reason to check it without their knowing then we will do that,” one parent told KTRH. We feel like, for their safety, it’s the best thing to do. We feel like, as parents, we have a right to know what’s going on with them.”

But some of you told KTRH you trust your kids and wouldn't go behind their backs.

“I’d be honest with them. I wouldn’t check their phones without letting them know,” another parent told KTRH. “I trust them to do the right thing when they are using their smart phone.”

Therapist Mary Jo Rapini says the poll makes a lot of sense to her.

“Those numbers don’t surprise me. I think parents struggle with how much privacy to give their kids,” Rapini said.

And Rapini also says there’s nothing wrong with parents keeping tabs on their kids.

“If you’re the parent and you told your child the rules, there should be a plan to check on the phone that should be stated to the child,” Rapini explained.