Gun rights advocates are planning what they call a “freedom walk” in Conroe this weekend to push for open carry here in Texas.

Eric Reed with the group Gun Rights Across America says they wouldn't have to keep doing these gun rallies if Texas would just join the pack.

“We don't want to have to walk around with nine and ten-pound rifles around our shoulders, but the state of Texas essentially gives us that as the only option because we can't open carry handguns like 45 other states already allow,” Reed tells KTRH News.

Reed understands some people don't want to see guns while out in public, but says that's his Constitutional right, and should be his choice not theirs.

“When something goes wrong, the first person they're going to call is the good guy with a gun,” he says.  “Keep in mind, if somebody is open carrying a handgun they're probably the good guy.  You're not going to see gang bangers from the Bloods and Crips walking around open carrying a Glock.”

Open carry is likely to be a hot topic next Legislative session, even Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis has voiced her support.

“Wendy Davis is a damn liar, I don't buy it,” says Reed.  “She has voted for gun control 96 times in the last three years.”

Saturday's "freedom walk" begins at noon at the Academy Sports off North Loop 336.