The Obamacare deadline to get signed up is coming up at midnight. And even though the individual mandate has already been pushed back for those that had trouble signing up online, you are seeing a huge push to get people enrolled.

In fact, you might have seen workshops like the one that Houston Congressman Gene Green was helping out with, trying to get people enrolled in Obamacare before the midnight deadline.

"It's going to be great if I have some other insurance besides the Harris County Hospital District because with that you have to wait months and months to get special care," Bruce Brown told our television partner, Local 2

Green said that over 250 thousand of his constituents are uninsured, which is one of the highest rates across the country.

"The whole point of the Affordable Care Act is so people don't have to make the emergency room their doctor," Green said. "They need to have a place where they can go when they're feeling sick, before they get sicker."

Health care reform analyst Mark Hatcher says low enrollment numbers in Texas is exactly why you're seeing this big drive.

“They’re just shy of 300,000 people of the six million that are uninsured in Texas,” Hatcher said. “They are far below what they expected to have by now.”

And Hatcher says the deadline extension that was just announced may not be the only one you see.

“Don’t be surprised if it gets pushed back again,” Hatcher explained. “We are in an election year.”

The Houston Department of Health and Human Services will extend hours today to get more people signed up.