As the Obama Administration continues their efforts to fix the Obamacare website, you would think he could count on his friends in the media to back him through the controversy. But you would be wrong.

That's because even supporters like MSNBC's Chris Matthews are now taking their shots at the President.

“He had a great idea. I think the country needs healthcare. But the problem is he didn’t keep a handle on it. He didn’t make sure it was well run. That’s just a fact. I’m an Obama guy. But you have to make sure it works,” Matthews told David Letterman.

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer says what we are seeing could be the end of liberalism as we know it.

“This will be a story of an epic collapse of the central element of the new kind of liberalism. We could be looking at the collapse of American liberalism,” Krauthammer told FOX News.

Media critic Dan Gainor tells KTRH there's no way the left can cover for the President on this.

“You can’t ignore this. You have to admit it. There’s a point where you can’t deny reality,” Gainor said.

And he also says that as soon as they get the website working, if they get it working, you'll see people like Matthews changing their tune on the whole thing and supporting the President once again.