President Barack Obama brought his "Middle-Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour" to Texas and was greeted Thursday by Governor Rick Perry who told the president he could learn from Republican policies here in the Lone Star State.

During a speech near Austin, Obama acknowledged our economic growth.

“Folks around here are doing something right,” the president told students at an Austin area tech school.  “I think the rest of the country can learn from what you are doing, because I've always believed the best ideas don't start in Washington, they trickle up to Washington.”

Obama came to tout technology jobs and education, but admits his administration still has work to do.

“From Washington to Wall Street, all of us have to commit ourselves to doing better than we're doing now,” he said.

Obama still insisted his policies have helped create 6.5 million new jobs in the past three years.  However, economist Ray Perryman says that's only half the truth.

“We lost over 9 million jobs during the recession,” Dr. Perryman tells KTRH News.  “So while that much has happened during the last three years, we still are not back to where we were when the recession started.”

As for Perry's “check list,” Perryman says the numbers don't lie, Texas has shown itself as a leader in job growth.

“Texas has done some things right to have a competitive advantage,” he says.  “It also has been blessed with some natural endowments to have a competitive advantage, and certainly Texas has outperformed the national economy by a wide margin.”

Though Perryman is quick to point out much of Texas' recent job growth was due to companies moving from somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Republicans such as Texas Senator John Cornyn are dismissing the president's tour as simply image building.