Fixing the problems plaguing the Veterans Administration moves at a snail's pace -- and we shouldn't expect major reforms any time soon.  Military veteran and Houston law professor Geoffrey Corn says you have to give the new leadership at the v-a time to come up with a plan.  He says VA medical services were overwhelmed by the soldiers who returned from Iraq and Afghanistan needing help in huge numbers.

“I think the VA really was unprepared for the volume of patients that were going to emerge out of this 12 or 13 year slog that we've been in,” Corn says.

Reports indicate millions of dollars were spent on solar panels and other green technology -- money which could have funded more doctors and nurses to help the veterans.

The resignation of the VA Secretary, Eric Shinseki, moved the timetable for response back.

“You've got to give the new leadership some maneuver space,” he says, “to kind of gather the facts and develop a responsive course of action.”