The NFL has a new policy that has many Texas politicians and law enforcement officials up in arms because they say it puts your safety at risk. And, as it turns out, the NFL isn’t alone.

But the NFL sent a memo to all teams asking that they ban off duty police officers from bringing guns into games. State Senator John Whitmire told KTRH that won't fly here in Texas.

“You can take a weapon where you like. A police officer is required to be armed 24/7,” Whitmire told KTRH. “This is one of the nuttiest policies. Our officers are trained and sworn to protect us. Often times that requires carrying a firearm.”

Ray Hunt of the Houston Police Officers Union says the NFL is out of line with this policy.

“At places where the public is allowed to go to we can carry our firearms,” Hunt stated. “It’s very good for the city. It’s very good for the public. It’s a smart decision.”

Whitmire just has one question for the league.

“What possible harm could it do for a trained peace officer to carry his weapon at a game? What are you trying to accomplish,” Whitmire asked.

The Texans told KTRH they are going by state law and not by the NFL policy.

“The NFL policy is not going to be the case at Reliant Stadium. We’re very pleased that’s the case,” Hunt said.

But the Houston Rockets told KTRH NBA rules prohibit anyone from carrying a gun into an arena. Major League Baseball told KTRH the same thing.