They call it 'Addressable TV.' Advertisers claim they can focus a political campaign so narrowly now it can target a neighborhood or even an individual voter.

Political insider Jim McGrath says it's all about getting your voters out there. 

"To win the election we need these people to get to the polls and then it's a matter of reaching those people and motivating them."

But democrats have a big lead on republicans in this area and democratic strategist Matt Angle of the Lone Star Project says it's the future.

"Even here in Texas where you've got republicans who have way more money than democrats, democrats have done a better job in building our data files and our lists."

DirecTV and Dish Network are reportedly matching up customers' identities with their satellite receivers and selling that information to political campaigns.

"You won't see it I don't think too much in Texas this time around but I think it's something that's coming and both parties will use it."