You might have heard about the study that linked too much homework to poor grades for kids. Maybe your kids have complained to you that they have too much homework. Maybe you complain that your kids have more homework than they should.

However, a new study says those complaints are wrong, and the study linking homework to poor grades might be off base.

A study backed by the Brookings Institute says homework levels haven’t changed much in the last thirty years. Tom Loveless was the lead researcher on the study and told KTRH the next time your kids tell you they have too much homework, don't believe them.

“Homework loads haven’t changed very much. They’ve remained flat,” Loveless said. “Most kids in the elementary grades have a half-hour to an hour and in high school they have an hour or less. The kids are not terribly overworked.

So, if that’s the case, why are parents complaining? Mike Petrilli at the Fordham Institute told KTRH it’s because they'd rather be doing other things.

“You don’t hear them complaining about working on the football or baseball team,” Petrilli said. “They like to be challenged. They want to be challenged. We just have to challenge them academically.”

So are these complaints by kids and parents just another case of the ‘Wussification of America?’

“I think there’s some of that. But to be fair, there are some kids out there who do have big homework loads. There are kids taking four or five AP classes at the same time. That can be too much,” Petrilli said.

But outside of that, Petrilli and Loveless say there is no such thing as too much homework.