A Houston man named Father of the Year for 2014 is going to jail for failing to pay child support on time.  The problem is, the money was held out of Clifton Hall's paycheck, but his employer didn't forward the support payment.  It doesn't matter.  His money came in after the due date and the penalty is jail time.  Hall's attorney for the appeal, Tyesha Elam, says the new law doesn't hurt deadbeat parents.

“The deadbeat can go month after month after month and not pay, and then he can go to court and say, ‘Oh, I'm so sorry. I can't afford to pay.’  And, the judge can say, ‘OK, I can't send you to jail if you can't afford to pay.  I can only send you to jail if you can afford to pay.’”

Elam wants the law to be changed.  She says her client shouldn't be held liable for someone else's error.  Clifton Hall turns himself in this morning, accompanied by attorney Eraka Watson.  He says he just wants to get this over with.

Elam says Hall shouldn’t be going to jail when the mistake was made by his employer.

“Why do you have strict liability after someone else's error?”