As you head to work today, consider that there is a disturbing trend that has it the country. And Texas isn’t immune to it, either.

Nearly 28 million Americans are working part time, and Patrick Jankowski of the Greater Houston Partnership says as good as the Texas economy is, the same thing is happening here.

“There are about 56 thousand people working part time in the Houston area. That represents about 2% of the workforce in the region,” Jankowski told KTRH.

Those numbers equate to what has been going on nationally. Jankowski isn’t surprised at this.

“What we often see when we come out of a recession is that a lot of people get employed part time. The employers are reluctant to bring people on full time until they know business is going to be there and they can pay wages and salaries,” Jankowski explained.

So what are some of the reasons why we are seeing this?

“There is some impact of health care reform that’s affecting hiring. It’s not just bringing someone on and paying them a salary. It’s also paying them the benefits,” Jankowski explained.

Is this temporary? Jankowski isn’t so sure.

“We don’t know if this is something structural taking place and employers will just use part time workers to get by in the long term,” Jankowski stated.

The unemployment rate in Texas is at 6.5% and in Houston it is 6.4%, but there wasn't as much job growth in May as some had expected.