A recent Gallup Poll shows 27-percent of Hispanics in Texas side with Republicans -- the highest since 2008, and six-percent higher than anywhere else in the country.

Robert Gonzalez at the Clear Lake Tea Party is not surprised.

“A lot of the issues that they have are just like our, they're pro-life, pro-family, pro-God, and that's the main thing, they really are conservative and you just have to sell that,” Gonzalez tells KTRH News.

He says the GOP now has to take advantage of the numbers, and make sure Latino voters understand the message.

“Its not an us against them, we're in it together,” says Gonzalez.  “I think most Hispanics do understand that, but we're battling the media.”

So how will this impact future elections?

“Well its one thing to tell a poll taker I identify more with the Republican Party, but its another thing to actually turn out and pull the lever for Republican candidates,” says political insider Jim McGrath.

Fortunately, McGrath believes a candidate named Bush can help win them over.

“I think George P. is doing a fantastic job and working his tail off to spread that inclusive message that we're a place for opportunity, we're a place where hard work and sound government, and limited government is rewarding,” he says.

The grandson of President George H.W. Bush and nephew to President George W. Bush is currently a candidate for Texas Land Commissioner.  His mother is Mexican-born, and he's been sharing that message as he campaigns around the state.