The campaign says support is building for Texas land commissioner candidate George P. Bush.  Almost two dozen state lawmakers have endorsed the Republican for his first statewide office in just the last week.

Pipes says Texans are already voting, by offering endorsements and signing up for what is being called an online grassroots army. 

“They're voting in terms of their endorsements and George P. is winning that race, hands down,” says Kasey Pipes. “They're responding to his message of conservative leadership.”

He says Bush is proud of his family’s political heritage, but he is “his own man.”

These are busy times for the candidate.  “He's traveling the state,” Pipes says.  “He's meeting with civic groups, Republican groups, business groups all across the state.  He's letting people know what his plans are once he's in office and he's letting people know about his conservative view for Texas.”