New census data suggests nearly half of all Americans are receiving government benefits in one form or another -- that includes millions here in Texas.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission says 3.7 million residents are on Medicaid, nearly 3.5 million receive food stamps.  Many of them are children.

“When you look at that children's coverage, take Medicaid and combine it with CHIP, we are covering almost half the kids in the state on those two programs,” says HHSC spokesperson Stephanie Goodman.

In fact, Medicaid covers more than half of all child births in Texas.

Goodman however, says the numbers become somewhat skewed when you talk percentages.

“There is a lot of duplication between the Medicaid and SNAP numbers in terms of people who are on both programs,” she tells KTRH News.

Still, millions more receive Social Security and veterans benefits, or live in subsidized housing.

“What we tend to see with all our programs honestly is upward trends, that's largely due to population growth,” says Goodman.  “Obviously when there's an economic downturn like we had a couple years ago, we tend to see a spike.”