Some people are fed up with all the talking that’s been going on with no action being taken to stop the overflow of illegal immigrants into Texas. One group says they plan to take matters into their own hands.

The group calls itself a coalition of 'Patriots' and says they are headed to border cities to keep an eye on things. 'Commander' Chris Davis said in a YouTube video that he'd threaten immigrants crossing the border to be shot if they didn't go back. That video has since been taken down. William Gheen of ALIPAC told KTRH he gets the frustration some people have.

"I don’t anyone to break the law or get hurt, but at the same time our country is being invaded,” Gheen said.

But Gheen says an armed militia at the border isn’t the way to take care of the problem.

“More Americans are going to have to get into the street and protest. More of us are going to get involved in the election. More of us have to call for the impeachment of President Obama,” Gheen explained.

Susan Kibbe of the South Texas Property Rights Association says what the state of Texas is doing with its border surge is already having an impact without a militia in place.

“My members have troopers parked in front of their homes. They feel much safer and that has stopped a lot of the criminal activity,” Kibbe told KTRH News.

But she adds the state needs to do more.

“We need a second surge at checkpoint areas and further north because these illegal immigrants are still coming through,” Kibbe stated.

The coalition of 'Patriots' would not talk to us for this story. Calls to Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra were not returned, either.