Christian conservatives are again under attack, this time by the U.S. Army which has blacklisted the American Family Association as a "domestic hate group."

This is the same group which promoted a prayer rally featuring Texas Governor Rick Perry at Houston's Reliant Stadium two years ago, drawing tens of thousands of people.

“For our military to use taxpayer dollars to accuse a group like the American Family Association of being a hate group is simply inexcusable,” says the AFA's Bryan Fischer.

“This is very disturbing to see this come from higher levels in the chain of command,” he tells KTRH News.  “It is really an anti-Christian dynamic that ought to be troublesome for any patriotic American.”

The military so far isn't talking, and Hiram Sasser at the Liberty Institute says that's because they're hiding something.

“Either they have a massive discipline problem, or they're specifically by policy targeting AFA, we've got to figure out which one it is,” says Sasser.

Soldiers who attended the debriefing say the AFA was lumped in with other groups such as Westboro Baptist Church, known for it's stance against gay marriage.

“Fred Phelps' group actually hates homosexuals and say that God hates homosexuals,” says Fischer.  “We don't believe that.  We believe that God loves homosexuals just as he loves heterosexuals.”

The Liberty Institute is asking the Army to reverse it's opinion of the AFA.

“There are some groups the Army has a legitimate reason to have a problem with,” says Sasser.  “But the American Family Association is just a general Christian ministry organization that is committed to spreading the gospel.”