An elementary school teacher in the Cy-Fair ISD is accused of preventing a second grader from reading the Bible in school.  The district released a statement saying they're trying to confirm the allegations at Hamilton Elementary School.  

"If it was a time when the child could have 'silent time' and read what she wants to read during that time period, she should be able to read whatever she wants to read."

Jermaine Tanner tells our TV partner Local-2 she has a child at Hamilton. The district statement goes on to say they have no prohibitions against the Bible, reading in part:

"During a student's independent reading time, students are required to read a book that is "Just Right." A "Just Right" book is when the student can read most of the words, comprehend the text and that the book is appropriate for the type of text or genre that is being taught. As such religious material, including the Bible, that meets these guidelines would be permissible for a classroom assignment and/or independent reading."

Meanwhile, even as many of your kids take the "STAAR" test in school today, dozens of students at Spring's DeKaney High School still need to pass the "TAKS" test in order to graduate.  The school is reportedly using a controversial motivation tool, posting those names on the wall in the auditorium.  Students and their parents tell Fox 26 this dosn’t sit well with them...

"It actually outrages me that even if there was a lapse in judgment on a person who found it necessary to post this, that no one else came forward and identified how harmful this could be to those students.”

The Spring ISD issued a statement saying the posting was not meant as an invasion of student privacy.  They say it's commonly practiced around the region so that students can learn who they are and where they can retake the test.