Surprise, surprise a new study shows men's and women's brains are slightly different. But it may be too soon to draw any major conclusions.

We'd all like to draw sweeping generalizations from this -- like this is why women like to shop and men like to watch football. But Dr. Daniel Felleman, a neurobiology professor at Houston's UT Health Science Center, says what they really found is much less sexy.

"Males have a richer set of interconnections within a given hemisphere as compared to females. Females have a richer set of interconnections between hemispheres than males."

Researchers say the study found men have better motor skills and women are better at combining analytical and intuitive thinking.

Dr. Felleman says we'll better understand this sort of information in a few years. He says the brain differences found don't really suggest much of anything just yet. Dr. Felleman says we can't really compare one brain to another.

"This difference only becomes apparent when you study hundreds and hundreds of brains and compare them as groups against each other. This study is based on something like 1,400 brains and comparing about 700 females to 700 men."