If you’re getting close to retiring, you’ve probably been planning for it for years, right? Well, as it turns out, what you think is going on and what is really happening are two very different things.

According to a new study, half of you are guessing at what you'll need to have a secure retirement. And only 11% of you have actually used a retirement calculator. Financial planner Richard Rosso explains why.

“All generations are afraid to crunch the numbers. It’s more than just money. It’s defining what retirement means to you,” Rosso told KTRH News. “Many are afraid of the number and feel that retirement is just never going to happen.”

Rosso says that many Baby Boomers are more afraid of retirement rather than looking forward to it.

“Baby Boomers feel like it’s the impossible dream. They have 401K plans which means they take on more of the risk and it becomes overwhelming,” Rosso explained.

Rosso says 401K’s were never intended to become the be all and end all in terms of your retirement.

“They were designed to be a complement to pension plans. They weren’t supposed to be the fix. Baby Boomers are now working longer because they have had two stock market derails,” Rosso said.

And the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, which conducted this survey, says it's not just Baby Boomers feeling like this; that it's also happening with Gen X'ers and Millennials.