If you don't like Obamacare, you might really hate an idea some employers are trying: forcing employees to participate in mandatory "wellness" programs or be fined each month.

Author and former Harvard professor Al Lewis is blowing the whistle on one such program at Penn State University.

"What they're doing at Penn State is actually two things. First, it's a massive invasion of privacy where they're essentially taking a whole bunch of private information from folks and insisting they file it, or else lose $1,200 a year."

Lewis says if your employer tries this, lie on their forms. Tell them you're eating less and exercising more. Lewis says it's stupid of employers to encourage workers to be dishonest.

"If you're an employer out there I just wanna tell ya this is about the stupidest thing you can do. You think you're creating a culture of wellness, but what you're doing is creating a culture of deceit. You're encouraging people to lie, because they don't want to give you the personal information."

Lewis says these programs are a growing trend.