A new study suggests men secretly want their wives to fail whether they know it or not.  Men whose wives succeeded at certain problem-solving tasks, immediately felt bad about themselves.

That's the conclusion of a study published online recently in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Relationship expert Mary Jo Rapini says many men are raised to believe they are the provider, so if the wife earns a larger salary or gains more praise, its a real let down for them.

“They identify themselves as masculine because they take care of their family,” Rapini tells KTRH News.  “Those men, when their woman becomes more successful, they really do struggle with their own self esteem.”

“I really like that, I think that's a very honorable thing,” she says.  “Its not honorable if it makes you depressed and anxious if your wife secures a better job.”

Those men really have to learn to put those feelings aside.

“Its much more important that you're able to do what's best for the family, instead of whatever makes you feel more masculine,” says Rapini.

If that's the case, Rapini suggests re-enforcing common gender roles such as having the husband mow the lawn or have the wife cook dinner.  The most important thing she says, is communicate with each other.