Harris county sheriff’s deputies arrested a husband and wife for performing an illegal procedure out of their home near Tegle and West Road in northwest Harris County.  Investigators say Yuri and Karen Lara have performed at least one illegal breast enhance on a woman. They are charged with unauthorized practice of medicine and possession of dangerous drug.

Police were alerted to the couple when a 41 year old woman was admitted to the hospital with a severe infection and abscess in her breast enhancements.  The woman also claimed to have had liposuction and fat injections done at the couple’s home. 

Detectives say neither the husband nor wife have a medical license in the state of Texas.  They also found medical equipment and vials of lidocaine, which is used as a numbing agent, inside the home.  The Harris County Sheriff's Office posted a community message on its website because detectives believe there may be other patients who visited to Lara's home for procedures. You can also call the HCSO’s Criminal Investigations Bureau at 713-967-5810.