If you're worried about the government spying on you and you want to live a normal life experts say you're out of luck.                                         

Lee Tien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation says you could try to encrypt your cell phone calls, but that requires cooperation of the cell provider.

"If you are trying to go off the grid you cannot rely on an encryption solution from a provider."

AT&T says it now has email that will self destruct after it's sent. Tien finds that ironic.

"AT&T has long been one of the main companies that partners with the NSA."

Tien says there's no way to use a cell phone or the Internet and be sure the government isn't snooping.

"There's a lot of things you could try to do, but at the end of the day, if you're still having normal contact with human beings and their everyday lives, you'll be on some grid."