Everywhere you go you hear people talking about global warming. You hear that we are destroying our own planet. But if a new study is right, global warming won’t be taking us out anytime soon.

That new study says Earth could continue to host life for another 1.75 billion years, as long as we don't have a nuclear war or some type of comet impact the planet. Astrobiologist Keith Cowing told KTRH the global warming crowd might have a difficult time explaining that one away.

“People aren’t going to go extinct because of global warming. Our lives will change, but they’d change regardless of whether we caused it or something else caused it,” Cowing explained.

In fact, global warming isn’t even on the list of doomsday scenarios. So when life on Earth finally does end, what will happen?

“You could have a blast of gamma radiation that could hit Earth and sterilize it. A large meteor that we can’t stop could hit us and wipe out life like it has many times before,” Cowing said.

But Cowing says by the time that happens we'll have probably already found a new planet to live on, possibly even Mars.

“If we had the money we could have people living on Mars,” Cowing said.

That is, unless whatever takes us out takes Mars out, too.