With the vast majority of the lettuce sold in the U.S. comes from California, so, three years of drought in that state is about to hit consumers in their home budgets.

“If you look at things like lettuces and other leafy greens,” says Dr. Marco Palma, “more than 90 percent of the production comes from California.”

As lack of water limits production, this country starts to import fruits and vegetables.  Dr. Palma is an agriculture economist at Texas A&M.  He says half of the fruit we buy at the grocery store is already coming from other nations.

“That trade trend has been increasing over the last 10 years,” Palma says.  “We're becoming more dependent upon imported sources of fruits and vegetables.”

He says nearly 23 percent of our vegetables come from Mexico and Central America.  When we import vegetables, they tend to come from Mexico and Canada.