The Ku Klux Klan is apparently attempting a comeback. That’s what some are saying after what’s been going on in small towns across the country, including one near Dallas.


The KKK has been on a big recruiting drive, putting leaflets out in small towns like Rhome, saying "The KKK Wants You." Mark Potok at the Southern Poverty Law Center says Texas is fertile recruiting ground.


“Texas has quite a large number of chapters compared to the states around it,” Potok told KTRH.


They have twenty-one chapters to be exact.


“Texas has a fairly substantial presence and has had one for quite a few years,” Potok explained.


But are they making a comeback? Potok wouldn’t necessarily call it one.


“The scene is different. It’s small competing groups,” Potok explained. “But when you look at all of the groups, they have not grown in the United States. What has happened is that this one group, the Loyal White Knights, has become very active.”


And as long as there are so many competing groups, there might not be a comeback.