If you have kids you have probably told them hundreds of times to put their phones down and pay attention to what you are saying. And if you’re like most parents, you probably haven’t had much luck with it.

It's a problem that every parent deals with, even celebrities like comedian Louis CK who vented on Conan O'Brien's late night show.

“I think these things are toxic, especially for kids. It’s bad. They don’t look at people when they talk to them,” the comedian complained. “You need to build an ability to be yourself. That’s what the phones are taking away. That’s being a person.”

So what can you do? Sandra Bond Chapman of the University of Texas Dallas told KTRH to try a technique she calls interval training.

“If they can just spend a period of thirty minutes without the interruption of their cell phone, they begin to experience their creativity,” Chapman said.

Chapman says it’s hard for kids at first, but the interval training works.

“They get used to putting it down and then they look forward to the reward of their phone. But then they have to put it down after 30 minutes. It teaches them to manage it.” Chapman explained.

Chapman says you shouldn't take the phone away, but embrace the technology.