Showy displays of affection at work are simply not a good idea for Valentine’s Day.  Etiquette expert Colleen Rickenbacher says keep it fun, keep it friendly -- even cute, but don't be a show-off.

“You're always going to have somebody who's going to get the big bouquet of flowers,” Rickebacher says.  “And, you know, people are generally very happy for them.  But then, down deep inside, other people are saying, 'oh, my God, take them away.'”

Rickenbacher says have your romantic experience for this special day on your own time.  Nobody in your life?  She says don't be a "Debby downer."  Don't tell those co-workers love won't last.

Have a romance with somebody in the office?  That’s when you really don’t go over the top.

“It could jeopardize your job,” she says.  “Or, it could be a total embarrassment for you and anybody else who might see it.  Just be professional.”