The chief trauma surgeon at Houston's Ben Taub General Hospital says the injuries suffered by people not wearing their seatbelts can be horrific.  The Texas Department of Transportation is starting its 13th annual "Click It or Ticket" campaign later this month.  Dr. Kenneth Mattox says wearing that seatbelt can save you from serious injuries.

“The loss of memory, traumatic brain injury that can last forever, creating chronic seizures, chronic headaches, as well as paralysis,” Dr. Mattox says.

Law enforcement officials will be looking for people not wearing their seatbelts between May 19th and June 1st in Texas and other states.

Dr. Mattox says people who don't wear a seat belt for fear of being trapped in a wrecked car are making a mistake.  He says not wearing one sets you up for much bigger problems.

“Your chances are greater if you don't have a seatbelt, getting thrown from the car and then the car rolling over you, and breaking your neck,” he says.  “And, if you survive, then having injuries that are harder to take care of.”