The Islamic militant group ISIS is reportedly selling oil stolen from captured oil fields, earning more than $2 million a day on the black market.  Terrorism experts say like Al Qaeda, ISIS wants to bring the global economy to it's knees. 

Former FBI agent Jim Conway says selling stolen oil for less than half the market price is one way to do it.

“If they can disrupt the flow of oil, they can drive the prices up globally and hurt us in the pocket book, that's all part of their motive,” say Conway.

National security analyst Edward Turzanski says its time President Obama be a leader, and make history instead of talk about it.

“The only way you do that is through principled intelligent force, backed up by coherent foreign policy,” Turzanski tells KTRH News.  “All of that appears to be in absence right now when it comes to the Obama administration.”

Turzanski calls ISIS the most efficient, well-funded and dangerous terror group the U.S. has ever faced.

“They have been robbing banks, they are selling property, and they set their sights on the northern portion of Iraq because if that were an independent country it would be the ninth larges oil producer in the world,” he says.