Your job may not be as fair to you as you think. It’s got nothing to do with what you are being paid. A new study paints a disturbing picture about religious tolerance in your office.

The report was done by the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding and says one third of American employees feel their companies don't accommodate their religion.

“One in three Americans has witnessed this occurring or personally experienced it themselves. It included issues where people seek accommodations in the workplace and very often find that they are denied, ignored or unable to even request them,” said Joyce Dubensky of the Tanenbaum Center.

So which groups are being hit hardest by this?

Muslims are suffering a great deal of discrimination in the workplace,” Dubensky stated. “Christians also believe there are suffering and white evangelical Christians in particular.”

Dubensky says six in ten white evangelical Protestants say discrimination against Christians has become a problem. The issues pop up when employees asked for days off for religious holidays. So what should companies do after taking a look at this report?

“Employers should learn that this is an issue they can address, that they should address and that if they do so it will be a win-win for their employees and for the company,” Dubensky told KTRH.

What kind of policies should these companies put into place?

“Flexible days so that people can take time off for their holidays and recognizing that observing the Sabbath may be important to a particular employee,” she explained.