A study of English language Tweets claims at least 10,000 racist Tweets are sent everyday and the most common insult is 'white boy.' A Houston attorney warns watch out -- you may think you're just joking, but you can be held liable for your Tweets.

Online law expert Travis Crabtree says Twitter is unique, but what you write in a Tweet can get you in just as much trouble with the law and/or your employer.

"Just because you're doing it over Twitter doesn't shield you from any liability whatsoever. Defaming somebody with 140 characters is the same as defaming them in the newspaper, on TV or on radio."

Crabtree says wannabe pop star Courtney Love is the only person so far taken to court over a libelous Tweet -- and she won. But plenty of athletes, celebrities and others have suffered -- at least in the court of public opinion -- because of foolish tweets.

"You may be responding to three other Tweets above you but people just grab these out of context. Unfortunately you can be held responsible for what you say and there could be repercussions for these actions."

Researchers say 5-10% of all Tweets are 'casual racism.'