Some techies accuse Google of coming up with a bizarre list of 1,400 'banned' words for users of it's latest Android system.  The words range from 'geek' to 'preggers' to all seven of George Carlin's dirty words.

Try typing the word 'condom,' and auto correct will instead give you 'condition' or 'confusion.'  Basically the system tries to auto correct any words related to sex, drugs and even Google's own applications or mention of Apple.

Jim Barry at the Consumer Electronics Association calls it much ado about nothing.

“Most people who have trouble with those kinds of things just disable it right off the bat,” Berry tells KTRH News.

The High Tech Texan Michael Garfield says there's good reason for an auto correct that steers clear of naughty words.

“Knowing that there's a whole range of age groups that do use Android systems, I think Google really just tries to play it on the safe side by not putting some of these words into their actual dictionary initially,” he says.

Garfield says the built-in dictionary is actually a safe guard that can either be turned off or eventually overridden.

“If you do use some of these words on a regular basis, Android is automatically going to pick it up that yes, you have been typing and texting this word over and over again, so its going to bubble up to the top,” he says.

KTRH News reached out to Google for an explanation.

“If you’re a duck farmer or a carp fisherman, you're very grateful for our auto correct options,” a company spokesperson said in a statement. 

“That said, we know there are many supporters of the Pen 15 club out there, and we're not looking to censor you -- you can always add a word into your dictionary by tapping on it."

“These words aren't banned,” the statement went on to say. “It's just that they won't automatically be suggested.”

Others point out even 'Obama' wasn't recognized in earlier versions dating back to 2008.