Good luck with your taxes this year.  Insiders say funding cuts and smaller staffs have made dealing with the Internal Revenue Service a complete nightmare.

The agency is blaming last year's government shutdown for the late start this tax season.  Whatever the reason, Houston CPA Bob Fumagalli says even he's being left on hold.

"You wait on hold for half an hour to an hour at a time, and finally get an individual who may be the rude to you, but typically can't answer your question," he tells KTRH News.

Fellow CPA Michael Parmet says even audits have become, well, taxing.

"We actually had an audit last week, it took them three days when it should've taken eight hours," he says.

Due to Presidents’ Day, we could not reach anyone at the IRS for comment.

Still, Fumagalli thinks the IRS is ill-equipped to handle actual tax issues due to its ever changing responsibilities.

"A lot of their individuals are working on identity theft rather than tax returns, we have the Obamacare administration going on with the IRS right now, and I think things will only get worse, rather than better," he says.

The good news is the IRS is accepting tax returns and issuing refunds.  It’s just taking a lot longer than expected.