You’re holding your phone in your hand while you walk down the street – and a kid on a skateboard snatches it and races away.  When Apple finally releases its new operating system for mobile devices this fall, there will be a way for you to protect your personal information.

Included in IOS 7 will be a “kill switch,” where you can go to a computer and wipe your iPhone clean.

“To be able to have something that kills it, that basically shuts it down and turns it into nothing more than a doorstop,” says hi-tech expert Peter Shankman, “is really useful.”

Your secure personal information would be protected by being wiped out of the phone’s memory.

“You’re really creating a self-destructive iPhone that becomes useless under certain parameters,” he explains, “and those parameters usually involve the phone getting stolen or lost.”

He says it makes so much sense, he’s surprised Apple waited until now to offer it.

There is the potential for tech-challenged users to wipe out their own phone.   Shankman understands.  “I’ve done it.  I’ve set up a ridiculously strong pass word, then the next morning I couldn’t remember it.  We need to be smarter, but I think the pros outweigh the cons in this case.”