Maybe you’ve noticed it. Maybe you haven’t. But the fact is more married couples are calling it quits lately. And according to the experts, the economy is playing a bigger role than you would have expected.

The divorce rate is up for the third straight year, and divorce attorney Melinda Eitzen told KTRH she's noticing a higher workload in her office.

“There’s a direct link to the health of our economy and whether or not people feel comfortable in divorcing,” Eitzen said.

In other words, couples were sticking it out because of the recession that hit all of us in 2008. But Eitzen says you can only do that for so long.

“People would stay married, but at some point they just couldn’t tolerate it anymore. As soon as they see some kind of upturn they get out,” Eitzen explained.

That’s exactly what happened with one divorced woman.

“I was laid off. When that happened my hopes of trying to get that taken care of, those funds had to be dispersed to taking care of my children, trying to make sure I kept a roof over their heads. It became a struggle of robbing Peter to pay Paul,” she explained.

That woman says that nearly six years after her layoff, her divorce finally came through.