Supporters of immigration reform have not been happy since GOP House leaders announced they would not address the issue this year. And they’ve decided that being diplomatic about it is no longer the answer.

Groups like the Fair Immigration Reform Movement say they will start to confront Republican Congressmen at public appearances and even in their home districts. The goal is to shame them into taking up the issue. Brad Bailey of Texas Immigration Solution isn't surprised.

“This is the Obama way; to campaign. This is how they do things,” Bailey told KTRH.

Janice Kephart, the former counsel for the 9/11 Commission told KTRH this new tactic isn’t going to work.

“It’s like the bully who tries to get candy from kids and fails. Now they’ve decided to bring out the punches. It’s not very helpful,” Kephart said.

But Kephart also says this was predictable.

“It’s sad to learn that all this time that the left was just playing at being nice. They never wanted a compromise. They just wanted their way. Now they are taking the mask off,” Kephart said.

Bailey agrees that this is what they wanted all along.

“They’d rather keep the broken system intact than providing solutions to fix it,” Bailey said.

KTRH contacted the Fair Immigration reform Movement for their side of the story. They didn't call us back and won’t say which Congressmen they're targeting.

In another development - a branch of a Mexican University in San Antonio says they will offer bilingual courses on how to become a US citizen. That course will include mock interviews with US immigration officials. That course will run through the middle of April.