While the crisis at the Texas-Mexico border continues, some Republican lawmakers are making wild comments that have many scratching their heads as the war of words heats up.

Congressman Mo Brooks from Alabama accused Democrats of engaging in a 'war on whites.'  Brooks it's a strategy used by the White House since 2008. Bryan Preston of the Conservative website ‘The Grid’ says Brooks is out of line.

"His policies have been divisive, but we’re not looking at a war on white people. That’s absurd and ridiculous,” Preston said. “The government is waging way on good economic policies and other things, but not on white people.

But Ron Fournier of the National Journal told FOX News perception is reality.

“This party, your party, cannot be the party of the future beyond November if you’re seen as the party of white people,” Fournier said.

And Preston says all Brooks did was give the left more ammunition to use against Republicans.

“They will take one man’s comment and say that this is what everyone in the Republican Party thinks; that this is what everyone in the Tea Party thinks,” Preston explained.

The rhetoric is taking away from the problems law enforcement is facing at the border. That group ‘Secure Border Intelligence’ collected 24-hours worth of audio from the border patrol which sheds light on what the agents deal with every day.

And while the bickering continues, reports say Texas is easing rules governing how much space each child needs so more can fit into shelters