Congress was unable to get a vote in on a Republican $659M package that would have dealt with the ongoing crisis at the Texas-Mexico border.

The measure didn’t even come to a vote after Speaker John Boehner realized he didn’t have the support to get the bill passed. Boehner held meetings with republican lawmakers last night and will try to get something done again this morning before the House of Representatives go on August recess.

Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold told KTRH News last night he’s willing to stay in Washington until a deal gets done, however long it takes.

“I don’t think we ought to be giving up on it and coming home for a month,” Farenthold said. “I’m hoping we’ll get something done. I’m prepared to stay until we do.”

Farenthold doesn’t think it’s in Congress; best interest to head home for the break without a deal.

“I have town hall meetings next week. I’d rather talk about the success we’ve had on immigration rather than how the President is right and that we in Congress can’t act,” Farenthold explained.

While the House struggled to get their bill done, a measure in the Senate died on a procedural vote. That package was about half of the $4B President Obama asked for.