Houston Mayor Annise Parker and CenterPoint Energy Friday announced a five-year plan to replace the city's 165,000 street lights with new LED bulbs.


"This replacement project, the largest in the nation, will reduce the city's street light energy usage by more than 50%, reduce the city's municipal greenhouse gas emissions by another 5%, and just as importantly save the city more than $28 million dollars over the life of these bulbs," said Parker.


"Once the conversion is completed, we expect the city's consumption of electricity could be reduced by about 70 million kilowatt hours annually," said CenterPoint's Scott Prochazka.  "To put that in context, enough to power approximately 54,000 homes in the Houston area."


The city and CenterPoint also have come to terms using the utility's right-of-ways to expand the Houston's hike-and-bike trails.


"We believe the expanded system of hike-and-bike trails envisioned by Mayor Parker makes Houston a better place to live," said Prochazka.  "To show our support for this effort, I am pleased to present Mayor Parker, on behalf of CenterPoint Energy, a check for $1.5 million to help jumpstart this wonderful initiative."