Road conditions went down quickly this morning as temperatures dropped and the rain that was falling in the Houston area froze. The storm turned out to be exactly as advertised. 

“People in front of me and next to me were sliding into the backs of the cars in front of them or into the wall,” one caller told KTRH’s Matt Patrick. 

Another caller to Houston’s Morning News said traffic slowed to a crawl. 

“I’ve been sitting here for about 25 minutes now. I can’t see past the traffic to see what’s happening up here,” the caller explained, frustrated. 

Some places fared worse than others, like the Fred Hartman Bridge. 

“There was ice on it. You need to slow down, control the car and pray you get over the bridge,” Shane told KTRH. 

Highways around the city also saw their share of problems. 

“I was on the Westpark Tollway. It was caked over with ice. There was a lot of fishtailing. And we were traveling at the blazing speed of 20 miles an hour,” McKenzie told Houston’s Morning News. 

Other drivers that didn’t have issues driving themselves helped people that did. 

“I got about a mile on Highway 6. Somebody lost control and went end over end. I got out. She’s doing okay. I’m an emergency room nurse. We were able to get her fixed up,” a caller near Brenham said. 

This was the first ice storm that hit the Houston area since February of 2011. That storm caused hundreds of accidents across the area. As of 10 o’clock this morning, the Houston Fire Department told KTRH they dealt with 136 crashes.