Some people inside Houston’s Omni Hotel got a bad surprise, when they checked on their vehicles after Friday’s storms.  More than 20 were damaged and a few were totally destroyed. 


The Buffalo Bayou had flooded, completely submerging some vehicles in the hotel parking.  The hotel says the number was 20, but one guest says it looked like a lot more than that.  There was a gala event behind held there Friday night during the heaviest rainfall. 


Jesse Rodriguez tells out TV partner Local 2 his car is totaled; "I was closest, parked in the lowest area, the closest to the bayou, so my car was completely flooded. It popped out the window of my car,"

Some didn’t discover the problem until they got up Saturday morning.  One guest says Omni officials referred complaints to their valet company, Towne Park. 

A spokesperson for the hotel calls it an unusual event and says the Omni is doing all it can to help the guests who were affected.  

Meanwhile, the Harris County Sheriff’s Marine Unit will continue its search for two teenagers who disappeared after the vehicle they were riding in crashed into White Oaks Bayou.  Witnesses say the truck crashed over an embankment at Fairbanks North Houston near Emmott.

Swift currents kept emergency responders from launching a boat at the crash site.  According to the sheriff's department, a 17 year old and an 18 year old were in the truck when it fell into the bayou.


(Photo courtesy KPRC Local 2)