You’re probably looking forward to your family get together for Thanksgiving. And that is even though you probably make jokes about how dysfunctional your family is.

We all make those jokes. We probably make them more now than we ever have before.  We've all got that crazy uncle that we roll our eyes at, right?

And there are more TV shows now that celebrate family dysfunction than there have ever been. The days of ‘The Brady Bunch’ are gone. And therapist Mary Jo Rapini says shows like that make it easier for us to make fun of our own families.

“It brings a closeness and fondness to our families. Everybody has some level of dysfunction in their family,” Rapini told KTRH.

And those shows, Rapini says, have actually helped us become more open about what goes on behind the scenes in our families, especially at this time of year.

“It brings up contention, but it also brings up humor that you can talk about next year,” Rapini explained.

But relationship expert Jennifer Styers says the holidays tend to magnify your family’s ‘quirks.’

“There’s always something that takes place. The holidays tend to bring it out,” Styers said.

Styers says there are some do’s and don’ts to make some things easier. One of those things would be not to introduce your significant other to family members at a holiday gathering like Thanksgiving.

“I would suggest doing it when it’s not a holiday. The holidays are pretty hectic. You want that person to meet your parents and actually be able to talk to them and vice versa,” Styers explained.

Remember that crazy uncle we mentioned a while ago? It could be worse. I imagine driving with him for over an hour to get where you want to go. Or you're kids, constantly asking, “Are we there yet?”

Yes indeed, there's nothing like family.