An era for one of Houston’s most storied high schools is officially over.

As expected, HISD voted to change the name of the mascots at four schools last night. The Lamar High School Redskins, Westbury High Rebels, Hamilton Middle School Indians and Welch Middle School Warriors are no more. The vote was 7-0 with one person abstaining. Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier says it is a good decision.

“Now seems to be a good time to retire those mascots that are very hurtful to many people and move forward,” Grier told our television partner, Local 2.

Not everyone agrees with Grier. Joe Cook, whose kids attended two of the schools in question.

“I think it’s been taken too far. They are just names. They were always meant to be names,” Cook said.

State Senator Rodney Ellis began a renewed push for the name change a month ago and said the decision was the right one.

“When the mascot was developed it was politically acceptable. It may have been appropriate at the time. But things change,” Ellis explained.

Activist Anna Edwards is proud of her Native American heritage and thinks HISD’s decision was long overdue.

“The comments that are made are so cruel and so ugly. We just want the respect of sovereign nations that we really are,” Edwards said.

So the nicknames and mascots for the schools will change. As far as what the new nicknames for the schools will be, that will take some time to decide.