If you have a kid starting high school today, then you already know how different things are now as opposed to when you were in high school.

To put it simply, things are very different than they were back in 1999.

Not everyone had an iPhone or iPad. And Beloit College's Ron Nief told KTRH we didn't know what social media was.

“They share everything. Sometimes it’s too much,” Nief told KTRH.

Technology has come a long way, and Nief says your high school freshman has, too.

“There are a lot of positive elements to the new technology,” Nief stated.

Nief says that teachers have had to adjust the way they do things because of the technology, too.

Teachers have told me they have to adjust. The student that is looking at an iPhone or an iPad in the back of the classroom may in fact be following along with today’s lesson,” Nief explained.

You might feel as if your kid is better with the technology than you are, but Nief says you're catching up.

“They are probably more adept at it. It’s getting simpler all the time. Parents are more capable of figuring it out than they were just a few years ago,” Nief said.

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