National talk show host Sean Hannity will attend tomorrow night's State of the Union address, as the guest of Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert.  Could they be colleagues in Congress some day?  Hannity won't rule it out.  Political insider Jim McGrath says the conservative pundit would have plenty of name recognition.  Speculation is, he might run for congress from a texas district.

“From his radio show and his perch on Fox News,” McGrath says, “he's known for his support of conservative policies, and I think that's why he's looking at Florida, possibly Texas.”

Hannity is a native of New York.  He says that state isn't friendly to conservatives.  Would the move be a negative?

“Whether he would face an issue as a carpetbagger,” he says would be the big question.  “A lot of people got after Hillary Clinton for running for the Senate from New York, when she really wasn't from New York.”

Clinton survived those charges, and Hannity hasn’t confirmed plans to run.