Hopefully hackers won't get bored with attacking your email.  They could turn their attention to your car.

It comes as no surprise to some but cars may be a logical next step for computer hackers.  Modern cars are almost exclusively controlled by computers.  Electronic control units or ECUs control everything in your car, from the windows, to the brakes, steering, and throttle.

To demonstrate the vulnerabilities of modern cars Twitter Security Engineer Charlie Miller and IOActive's Director or Security Intelligence Chris Valasek drove around in a Toyota Prius and manipulated just about everything in the car.  They could change the fuel gauge, the speedometer, disable the brakes, and even make the steering wheel jerk violently, all while the car was traveling down the road.

Terrorism Expert Dr. Jeff Addicott says technology is always a trade-off, "there's never been a horse that can't be rode, and there has never been a cowboy that can't be throwed.  As technology increases it makes our lives a lot easier but there is also a danger that comes with it."

There has been a rash of new auto thefts in major cities associated with thieves hacking into cars.  Police are still baffled by thieves who have been caught on surveillance cameras.  The thieves hold a small hand-held device, like a remote, walk up to a car and unlock the electronic doors.  No reports of this kind of theft have been reported in Houston.

You can watch the Forbes story below...