We’ve all avoided going to the gym at one point or another. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to work out next to the ultra-fit person who seems to live in the weight room. It turns out there is a word for that.

The word for it is 'Gymtimidation,' and Planet Fitness, which has a few gyms in the Houston area, recently made news by asking one woman to cover up.

“I was told I was intimidating people with my body and asked to put on a different shirt,” Tiffany Austin told a California television station. “I was just wearing a regular gym top. I don’t feel like it was anything crazy.”

Not everyone we talked to agreed with what Planet Fitness did.

“Some of the most fit people are some of the nicest people and they have a story, too. Whenever your confidence builds up you have the right to wear what you want to wear,” Sheila Jackson told KTRH.

Jackson says ultra-fit people could be misunderstood.

“You don’t know what path they took in order to get to where they are. Maybe they lost twenty pounds,” she said.

Eli Sepulveda at Village Fitness near Rice says if you don't want to be 'Gymtimidated' you should stay away from the big, chain gyms.

“A lot of middle aged ladies can be intimidated by somebody young and looks like she’s about to go to the bikini store. They don’t feel like they need to compete with the girl next to them, where they need to wear their makeup or best outfit. Nobody likes to be next to the big musclehead that looks like he’s about to have a baby as he’s lifting weights,” Supelveda explained.